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The Anjuman-I-Islam’s Akbar Peerbhoy College of Education, in keeping with its Motto, encourages students to regularly participate in inter-collegiate competitions. The students also work actively to sustain education in the neighborhood Community by nurturing the Sarva Sikhshan Abhiyan.

Their personalities thus evolve making them value oriented citizens of the country. Our results each year have averaged 90% Pass percentage.

Message from the Hon.President

To facilitate the realization of our mission, the curriculum has been adapted to provide student teacher with an environment which seeks to develop a spirit of enquiry creativity and ability to break away from traditional mindsets. The institution constantly sensitizes student-teacher to the different problems faced by the society. It equips the student teacher with competencies necessary for long life learning and to become effective members of the global society.

Though originally for Urdu medium teachers and especially for the female student of the community, the college is now open to students of the religion and castes.

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College Brochure – 2018-2020

Admission Handbill – 2018-2020

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Akbar Peerbhoy College of Education toper 2016 Ansari Shagufta

          Ansari Shagufta

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