Co-Curricular Activities

A Student’s Council will be selected early in July and this body will be in charge of the organization Social, Cultural, Dramatic, Elocution and Sport activities throughout the year. A member of the staff will be Chairperson of the Student Council under the guidance of the Principle, who is the ex-officio President of the Student’s Council. All students are encouraged to take part in both the internal activities of the college as well as inter-collegiate activities, organized from time to time.

Prizes And Awards

The college has instituted a number of prizes and awards for meritorious student. Several co-curricular activities like debating elocution, singing, rangoli, flower arrangement etc. are conducted with a view to develop future teachers with varied and rich personalities. Awards are also given to students in various other areas like attendance, practice-teaching, voluntary work, Bulletin Board work etc.

King of Himself and Servant of Mankind

Great Generals win campaigns but it is the Unknown Soldier who wins the war. Famous educators plan new system of pedagogy but it is the “Unknown Teacher” who direct and guides the young. He lives in obscurity and contends with hardship. For him, no trumpets blare, no chariots wait, no golden decoration are decreed. He awakens the indolent, encourages the eager, and steadies the unstable; He communicates his own joy at the learning and shares with boy and girls the best treasures of his mind. He lights many candles, which in later years will shine back to cheer him. This is his reward. Knowledge may be gained from books, but the love for knowledge is transmitted only the personal contact. No has ever deserved better of the republic then the “Unknown Teacher”. No one is more worthy to be enrolled in a democratic aristocracy, “King of Himself and Servant of Mankind”.